Introduction to 3D printing at the Jupiter library

Palm Beach LED gave an ‘Introduction to 3D printing’ presentation at the Jupiter library on June 25th. It was great to see so many community members interested in this technology and asking lots of questions! Thank you to the Jupiter library for inviting us to speak and for hosting this event!

Pictures and slides from the presentation can be found below.

Pierre demonstrating a 3D printed quadcopter

Pierre and Louis with 3D printers used for printing demonstrations

Pierre Baillargeon

Pierre Baillargeon is an engineer from South Florida who holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering, having graduated from Florida Atlantic University in August of 2005. Pierre currently works as a Robotics Engineer at a non-profit biomedical research organization and is known to enjoy photography, gadgets and skillfully constructed pizza.


  1. Ken   •  

    Went to this event. Absolutely incredible. Presentation was well done and Q&A session was well worth it.
    Saw that an Intro to Programming presentation will be at the same location later in July. Not sure if its PBLED that is doing it, but hoping so.
    Keep up the great work, folks!

  2. tommcana   •  

    fantastic presentation at jupitar library really incredible work man congrates for 3d printing bussiness

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