The 2013 Palm Beach Maker Camp Success Story!

On June 7th of this year, Palm Beach LED received a notice that we were pre-qualified to be one of 100 global Maker Camp super affiliates. This notice invited us to apply to host a free Maker Camp for local teenagers, which we promptly did. On July 3rd, we received official notification that Palm Beach LED would be a 2013 Maker Camp super affiliate. Continue reading…

Yet Another Wiimote Controlled Robot

As part of the Scripps Florida grand opening celebration in 2009, the volunteer robotics team at Scripps Florida was tasked with repurposing a laboratory robot for use as demonstration unit and an Educational Outreach platform. This volunteer team consisted of Lina DeLuca, Dr. Louis Scampavia and myself. The goal of this project was to create a hands-on robotic system which could be used to showcase the unique technology used in the drug discovery process and more generally, to generate interest in science and engineering.

Scripps Grand Opening - Science Education Day 057

Continue reading…

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