Extra Life 2013

extralife2012_300x250Back in August of this year I saw a post on Reddit about an upcoming gaming charity event called Extra Life that caught my eye. The premise of Extra Life is simple: play games for 25 hours straight on November 2nd and raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. When I mentioned all of this to my friends at The HackLab @ North Boynton, they enthusiastically offered to host the event in their new facility and we started scheming.

I’m happy to report that our team, Makey Makey Bass Booty Shaky, not only completed the gaming marathon (NO SLEEP ‘TILL BROOKLYN PANDEMIC!), but we were able to raise nearly $3,500 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! We had an incredible time and are very grateful to everyone who sponsored us, stopped by to play games with us and generally cheered on our shenanigans!

We played a ton of games, drank entirely too much Mountain Dew and managed to game for 25 hours straight without sleep as seen in the pictures and videos below. The best way I can summarize it all is as follows: I can’t wait for Extra Life 2014!

Extra Life 2013
Rock Band projected onto the wall at The Hacklab!

Rock Band in progress: Who you gonna call?!

Extra Life 2013
Scott says: “Star Trek Catan is the best Catan”

Extra Life 2013
Carly and Mike broke out a classic: Mario Kart

Extra Life 2013
Ginny, our Extra Life mascot, decided that the beanbag chair was a comfortable place to nap.

2013-11-02 05.14.07
Ginny was not amused that I bogarted the beanbag chair.

Extra Life 2013
We played Monaco from 3am or so until the sun came up. It was glorious.

Extra Life 2013
Daylight meant time for food and Meridith brought the best food!

Extra Life 2013
Matt stopped by Saturday afternoon with DDR gear. We played DDR because: A) DDR is awesome and B) why not play DDR when you’re exhausted and haven’t slept in a while?

Extra Life 2013
Our final game of the event was Pandemic, which we won on the last possible round.

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